For those of you who can’t resist the convenience of a cloud storage account or two (or five) but still fret about the security of your files there, the now freely-available SearchYourCloud application may offer some peace of mind.

From San Francisco-based Simplexo Ltd. the service that previously cost $25 for the desktop app is now available free of charge – and if you’ve already paid to download the product, then Simplexo promises to send you a refund, the company announced today. SearchYourCloud offers users a way to search for a file across multiple cloud storage platforms such as Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. If you’re the type of person that uses multiple cloud storage accounts and can’t quite remember where you stored that one particular presentation, this could help solve that problem.

SearchYourCloud does one search across multiple cloud storage locations at once.

The service also adds security to the cloud equation by encrypting data stored with public cloud providers (like Dropbox). Described as a “prosumer” service the application might be the answer for some small businesses where employees want to store their business documents in the public cloud, but the IT department is wary of leaking data through those services. SearchYourCloud doesn’t store any of your data itself, it just provides a search portal to your data in other places.

SearchYourCloud is available for Windows and Mac on the desktop. There’s also an an app on iOS you can use to access and share documents.

Some features of SearchYourCloud will remain off limits unless you upgrade to the premium version for an extra $4.99 per year. Those include searching Exchange 2013 servers, Exchange 2010, SharePoint, Gmail, and

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