The Samsung SmartThings ecosystem officially launched in Canada last week, bringing the Samsung smart home experience to the Canadian market.

The goal of the SmartThings is to form a coherent, centrally managed appliance system by linking them together through the Samsung SmartThings Hub or Samsung SmartThings WiFi. SmartThings encompasses both the communication technology and an appliance ecosystem including Samsung FlexSystem laundry collection, Family Hub refrigerator, as well as compatible third-party products.

In addition, certain SmartThings hardware can work with your existing appliances. There’s a range of standalone sensors, outlets, and buttons, all of which are programmable and manageable with Samsung devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PC.

As an example, when you wake up in the morning, tap the Smart Button programmed to launch your Morning Scene command and enable your Coffee Maker, turn on your bathroom light, and change the temperature of your AC unit. Or, install a Smart Sensor on top of your door to turn off the thermostat after you’ve left the house.

SmartThings is also deeply integrated with IoT, which enables you to control your appliances from anywhere where there’s internet access. Remote controls, like enabling your washer while you’re away and turning on your lights before coming home, can save time and add convenience.

Samsung SmartThings devices are available now through online retailers and hardware stores across Canada.

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