will support Twitter’s new customer service features in its Customer Success Platform cloud software, according to a blog post by Mike Milburn, general manager of Salesforce Service Cloud.

Whenever Twitter launches a new native feature, there’s always a big question about whether it will be available to, or adopted by third-party platforms. Take for example the recent Polls feature that is available on Twitter, but not available to dashboards like Tweetdeck (which actually owned by Twitter) or Hootsuite. That means for a good segment of the Twitter population, this feature is totally invisible and may as well not exist. That doesn’t make for a very good user experience.

With Twitter’s new customer service tools, adoption and support from third-party tools is even more crucial. Since companies using Twitter to provide customer service are all using dashboards like Salesforce’s service cloud, if the feature didn’t carry over to that platform, then it wouldn’t be useful at all. That’s why Twitter made a point of announcing a series of third-party partners upon the unveiling of its customer service tools, as we reported earlier this week.

Here’s the new features that will let companies easily start a direct message conversation with customers on TWitter:

No more awkward typing in short codes and usernames.

Here’s how Twitter’s new direct messaging prompt will be integrated into the Service Cloud workflow:

Salesforce is one of the partners integrating Twitter’s new customer service features.

Here’s what the new customer feedback feature will look like on Twitter’s native platform:

Twitter is making it easier for companies to deliver customer service, even through third-party platforms.

And here’s what it will look like on Salesforce’s platform:

Simple surveys can be executed with the customer feedback feature.
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