San Francisco-based Salesforce Inc. announced a new application for its marketing cloud today that aims to give marketers the data they need to add a personalized touch to their campaigns.

Called Predictive Decisions, the product is a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud portfolio. It will analyze a prospective customer’s online activity to see how they are interacting with a company’s content or social media accounts, and serve up recommended content, products, or offers to entice them.

Predictive Decisions keeps profiles on customer prospects, whether they are known as individuals or anonymous web users, according to Salesforce. Marketers can use these profiles to segment their targets and understand what sort of content they might prefer. The program will also help the marketer by predicting what the customer wants. The app will help marketers move their content on the web, by email, and other digital channels.

Marketers can use a drag and drop interface to place predictive campaign elements into their materials. So an algorithm will calculate what might result in the best chance of converting the targeted customer, and insert that content at time of delivery.

Predictive Decisions is the latest in a series of applications released by Salesforce with a strong focus on analytics. In February, it announced new mobile capabilities for its Analytics Cloud and invited desktop users to experiment with their own data on the platform. It allowed users to import raw data and view it in automatically-generated visualizations and create their own dashboards.

Salesforce says Predictive Decisions will be available in May, to uses of the Marketing Cloud Pro Edition or greater. Pricing on the pro edition starts at $1,250 per month.


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