On-demand customer relationship management (CRM) vendor Salesforce.com has unveiled the Salesforce Service Cloud Intelligence Engine—an added layer of intelligence in the Service Cloud that fuels smarter customer service with data science.

Citing studies that show businesses that take a smarter approach to customer service have retain nearly twice as many customers, Salesforce.com said the new solution is designed to help companies meet the growing expectations of the connected customer. Data science will drive some of the features of the Service Cloud Intelligence Engine, including:

Intelligent Business Processes: Cases can be assigned to agents dynamically based on their skill set, the cast history, presence or the communication channel, and with advanced workflow automation the solution can trigger a business process, such as escalating a case from support on to sales or marketing.

Intelligent Workload Management: Agent workload can be distributed and managed automatically, based on agent expertise to handle specific types of cases and their workloads, with an eye to maximizing productivity.

Seamless Omni-Channel Customer View: Whatever the channel, to the customer it’s the same company. With this tool customers can move between channels without having to rehash their issue or re-identify themselves.

“The Service Cloud Intelligence Engine harnesses the power of data science to improve workflows, business processes and deliver seamless customer service across any channel,” said Mike Milburn, senior vice-president and general manager of Service Cloud for Salesforce, in a statement. “Now companies are prepared to exceed their customer’s increasingly high expectations for smarter service.”

Service Cloud is now generally available with pricing starting at US$135 per user, per month. The Inteligence Engine will be generally available later this year with pricing will be announced at that time.


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