Sage favours over software user groups

Some Meetup groups are formed to go on wilderness hikes, or swap tips on crocheting techniques, or perhaps organize a singles night – other groups meet to check out the latest accounting software.

Sage is tapping the social event-organizing Web site to bring together its network of consultants, small business owners and staff, and accounting firms across Canada. The next round of in-person events members will be registering for on is to see a demonstration of ConnectBooks for Sage 50 Canadian edition. The mobile app ties in to Sage’s accounting software (formerly called Simply Accounting) and allows you to see your financial records on your iPhone or Android phone.

There are 66 Sage 50 Meetup groups across Canada.

The just-released ConnectBooks app by Chantilly, Va.-based IntelleApps, isn’t the first time that Sage has leaned on Meetup to organize its stakeholders. When the Sage 50 product brand was launched in October, groups across the country held celebrations posted to the site. The most popular Sage 50 group is in Red Deer, Alberta where an impressive 50 out of 54 members attended the launch party at Black Knight Inn. There are 66 Sage 50 groups scattered across the country, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island.

IntelleApps says the Meetup groups represent the best opportunity to connect its target market in the absence of significant user groups for accounting software. It’s inviting Meetup group organizers who are interested in a demo to get in touch.

Source | IntelleApps LLC

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