Canadian businesses will soon have another option for reducing roaming charges occurred during international travel.

Mississauga, Ont.-based Gibraltar Solutions is bringing Roamly Mobile Solutions Inc.’s service to the enterprise market. Roamly is a discount global roaming service based out of Richmond Hill, Ont. The company has developed what in essence is a sticker that is placed on a SIM that acts as an overlay.

According to Emma Bomberry, the global sales operations manager for Roamly, the sticker knows when it has left the country and immediately transfers to the roaming network.

“This is a pay-as-you go service that enables you to keep your phone number, all your contacts and apps and even allows you to check the status of your balance,” Bomberry said.

The paper thin Roamly overlay SIM card needs to be registered at and the company claims that it can save up to 80 per cent on roaming charges when executives travel.

Bomberry said that if a corporation has 50 top executives it can cost them approximately $1,000 per trip in voice, text and especially data roaming charges.

With an 80 per cent discount that cost is reduced to just $200 per trip, she added. “Imagine the cost savings factor over an entire year.”

Data roaming is where enterprises will see cost savings because the cost spirals exponentially for services such as location-based apps like Google Maps.

“This service could eliminate many surprising bills,” Bomberry said.

Louis Le, marketing director at Gibraltar Solutions, said that the company plans to distribute Roamly initially to the enterprise space. The solution provider is targeting enterprise customers with remote locations such as banks first.

The secondary plan for Gibraltar is to go after retailers such as Best Buy. Le added that Gibraltar could also grow its margins by offering to service the Roamly users.

Other factors for Roamly is that there are no new contracts to sign, the company offers around the clock support and its works using a user’s existing service provider.

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