A new partnership between two smart home technology providers now enables homeowners to see and speak with whoever is at their front door, and let them in – all from a smartphone app.

This Internet-of-Things door system combines the Weiser Kevo smart lock that controls a deadbolt and the Ring Video Doorbell which provides audio and video. It’s known as Ring plus Kevo. It is the latest smart lock integration in Ring’s “Ring Plus” program that also includes Wink, Lockstate, and KISI.


The Ring Video Doorbell sends an alert to the homeowner through the Ring mobile app when someone is at the door when the doorbell is pushed – or if the motion detector senses someone at the door. The homeowner can then lock or unlock their Kevo smart lock remotely.

The homeowner can also let family and friends enter the house by tapping their smartphone to the Kevo smart lock.

While Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff positions the Ring Plus program as a means “to reduce crime in communities” and for customers to “completely secure their homes,” it seems that an interaction with the system would clearly indicate to burglars that no one is home – much like a conventional doorbell. And while the Kevo smart lock may be able to secure the front door, there could be less secure windows and doors, so it seems more of an addition to a security system than an outright replacement.

Ring plus Kevo is compatible with the current Ring iOS app (and will be available for Android and Windows 10 in a few weeks). It also requires the Weiser Kevo smart lock (MSRP $249.99) and the Kevo Plus upgrade ($89.99 one-time fee) as well as the Ring Video Doorbell (MSRP $229.99).

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