RentingWell automates property management

Ottawa-based app studio Sliced Bread has baked up a Web-based platform for the property management space.

RentingWell, which currently undergoing beta testing, has been described by only tech magazine as a FreshBooks for property managers.

“It’s definitely one of the easier ways to create and monitor a digital version of your property portfolio,” said Knowlton Thomas, in his article for Techvibes.
RentingWell is best at racking revenue and expenses on a monthly and annual basis.

Handy features include developing a contact list of tenants and contractors and upload lease agreements for digital storage.

RentingWell starts at just $10 per month. The basic plan allows for managing up to 20 units. For $30/month, users can manage up to 50 units; and $50/month enables users to manage an unlimited number of units.

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