This morning, Reddit announced that its new office in Toronto is officially open.

The new headquarters boasts Canadian management, sales, community and engineering teams to help foster and grow its third-largest user base after the U.S. and U.K.

“Canada is the next natural place for Reddit to establish a new, on-the-ground presence,” the company noted in a March 29 blog post. “Our team (of very nice, polite people) based in Toronto is already partnering with local entities, establishing programs for community engagement, servicing local Canadian brands and marketers, and is managed by Reddit’s Head of International, Tariq Mahmoud, who was at the helm of Reddit’s 2020 expansion to the U.K.”

The blog post added that its Canadian sales team will report to Reddit’s EVP and president of global advertising, Harold Klaje.

According to the social media giant, Reddit’s Canadian user base is relatively young with 59 per cent aged between 18 – 34, and more than 40 per cent of users are women.

At 31 minutes a day, Reddit users in Canada spend more time in-app than almost all other social media platforms. In Canada, more than 20 per cent of Reddit users are not on Facebook, while 70 per cent are not on TikTok and almost 35 per cent are not on Twitter.

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