Red Hot Tweets help adult film stars get a piece of monetization pie

While the content may be risqué, the adult film industry have long been pioneers in the use of emerging technology, from video cassettes, digital and high definition video, and the Internet as a content distribution platform. Now the industry is eyeing the field of Twitter monetization.

GameLink,a San Francisco-based adult video-on-demand platform, has launched RedHot Tweets. It’s a new advertising platform that the creatorssay will allow adult performers to be paid for tweeting about themovies they star in, both via the Red Hot Tweets web site and their owntwitter accounts. Essentially, it’s a referral model where the actorsget paid when a fan purchases a copy of a video they’ve tweeted a linkto.

The service has been designed and launched by Kelli Roberts, a16-year veteran of the adult video business as a producer and developerwho tweets as @MissKelliXXX. She said many adultperformers are social media savvy, and are already using Twitter andother platforms to interact with their fans and promote their work.

Adult film star Jenna Jameson hasover 300,000 Twitter followers at @ jennajameson.

“I’ve worked with some great companies in my career, but nomatter who I’ve worked with, I have always had the performers’ bestinterests in mind. I’ve long fought to get adult film stars a piece ofthe retail pie, and that’s now possible with Red Hot Tweets,” saidRoberts in a statement. “Now performers can actually make money forjust Tweeting about movies they have been in. They deserve it and I’mso glad to be a part of a project that can make that a reality!”

Source | Red Hot Tweets

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