Re: No criminal wrongdoing in leasing deal: OPP (Nov. 21)

And now the cover up of the city computer deal begins. As usual, no accountability for politicians and sniveling servants.

Ed Sweet

Re: Project failure rate wearing thin: experts (Nov. 18)

In the project failure item, Bank of Montreal IT service delivery manager Connie Smith mentioned the challenges her organization has with understanding, following and improving upon documented service levels. I was interested in her comments about having a goal of getting their service level agreement template down to 10 pages. Internally I have almost the opposite problem where the documentation is minimal to the point of being ineffective. We list a SLA as simply being “”we do this at that time. . . hopefully.”” (Just kidding).

Gary Gratton
Director, technical services
Credit Union Central of Ontario

Re: My definition is this (Nov. 15)

In your column you say you don’t know how a “”natural”” person differs from an “”unnatural person.”” Well, my definition (Webster’s actually) is having a physical or real existence as contrasted with one that is spiritual, intellectual, or fictitious. A corporation is a legal but not a natural person. We seem to need to define these types of terms not for a clear understanding but for the legal beagles.

I would appreciate a clear definition of “”upgrade.””

Michael Neill
Uxbridge Computer Solutions

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