Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) will be welcoming 300 technology employees to a new Calgary innovation hub scheduled to launch in September 2021, the financial institution announced in a July 21 press release. 

RBC says it plans to create these jobs over the next three years in high-demand tech areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, site reliability engineering, data engineering, data analytics, and full-stack agile software delivery. New hires will join the institution’s global Technology & Operations team. 

The high-tech landscape in Calgary continues to develop at a rate that signals the willingness of companies to embrace digital transformation. Calgary companies are gaining momentum in digital transformation initiatives using machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, there is a need to fix the talent pipeline, said Mary Maron, president and chief executive officer of Calgary Economic Development (CED), in an interview with IT World Canada

“Calgary needs a whole bunch of software engineers, data scientists, coders, programmers, etc. we don’t necessarily have today. So we’ve got to focus on talent transformation in order for companies in the energy sector and elsewhere to accelerate their digital roadmaps,” Maron said. 

The tech community in Calgary is growing and RBC aims to provide valuable tech careers with opportunities for growth and professional development with the launch of the new innovation hub, said Jules Andrew, senior vice-president, RBC Technology & Operations. 

“As a top employer of choice for technologists, RBC is committed to developing tech talent in Alberta and leveraging new and existing relationships with our partners in the province,” said Andrew. 


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