Rare.io of Ottawa is targeting retailers looking to make better use of email marketing to drive repeat business with a new automated predictive email marketing solution.

According to the vendor, the solution uses the details of an individual’s purchase history to deliver personalized e-mail to past customers, instead of blasting every email address in your database with the same, identical email. The company claims its automated personalization can help drive repeat business by increasing average email click-through rates by up to 5x.

“Anyone who’s ever purchased anything online knows the relentless spam that’s certain to follow,” said Rob Lane, CEO of Rare.io, in a statement. “Our predictive email solution is fundamentally changing this practice by creating interesting and timely follow up emails. Since we quietly launched in February, we’ve sent over 17 million emails that are directly attributable for $2.3 million in incremental revenue for the stores. Why settle for poor click-through rates when you can use your stores transactions to make email relevant to the reader on any device they use.”

The Rare.io is designed for smaller and mid-size ecommerce stores that would like access to the same predictive analytics that larger companies have, and uses an intelligent algorithm to analyzes historical customer purchase data, such as goods bought, time and date, to create a tailored recommendation list and automatically send a personalized email at the time they’re most likely to open it and make a purchase.

The solution is also designed to integrate with retail platforms Shopify and Spree, allowing online retailers using those platforms to create custom email designs using a drag-and-drop interface.

More than 500 stores are using the platform already, and the company expects to add more ecommerce platform integrations in the coming.

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