QuickBooks Online, the financial accounting software as a service used by more than 300,000  users, has been completely redesigned to include other business management features and be easier to use overall, according to Intuit Inc.

Describing it as “rebuilt from the ground up,” Intuit announced the new version of QuickBooks Online today. It promises streamlined access to different business tasks, a simple set-up, real-time data and reports, and the ability to grow with a business to support any company size. The new service also rolls Intuit’s other business management tools into the QuickBooks Online offering. Users will now have access to payroll and payments. The open platform will now be courting third-party application developers to provide more features and tools for users.

A screenshot shows the Sales Transactions features in the newly redesigned QuickBooks Online.
A screenshot shows the Sales Transactions features in the newly redesigned QuickBooks Online.

The new service includes automated deposit and credit card account data, imported from banks. That new feature is one borrowed from Mint, a personal finance tool acquired by Intuit in 2009. It organized users’ financial data into different visual charts to help them budget.

QuickBooks Online can be accessed on the Web from mobile devices , and will be available in more than 100 countries in more than 10 languages. The 2012 version of QuickBooks Online was criticized for its lack of languages support by CPA Practice Advisor.

New users registering for QuickBooks Online will be able to start using the new interface in late October. Existing users will see the updates rolled out beginning in January 2014.  Pricing is $12.99 per user per month, or $124.99 per year.

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  • Jim Thompson

    One outstanding question – is the Online version of Quickbooks still entirely standalone, or will it now be possible to import previous years data (from Quickbooks Pro or Premiere?

    • I asked Intuit for you and here is the response:

      “Currently Intuit Canada does not have a tool to help accountants migrate their desktop data to the new, cloud-based QBO. That said, we’ve received feedback from our customers this is something they want, and if it’s a priority for our customers, then it’s a priority for us. Once I have an update on this one, I’ll be certain to share it with our QBO community and of course, ITBusiness.”