QuickBooks users can now prepare invoices for their clients simply by scheduling their work time in Google Calendar, thanks to a new partnership announced between Intuit Inc. and Google on Oct. 21.

The new integration between Google Calendar and QuickBooks Online means that QuickBooks users can schedule client work periods and appointments in the calendar and see them automatically available in QuickBooks when it comes time to invoice customers and balance the books. This saves the steps of manually entering any calendar information into QuickBooks for users that rely on the accounting software for sending invoices or managing finances.

Intuit says that this new feature is the first step of a collaboration with Google that will see more integrations in the future. Since 56 per cent of QuickBooks customers use Google Calendar, it’s clear why the partnership makes sense.

A video posted to the QuickBooks Youtube account explains the new tie-in:

Another immediate new feature of Intuit’s collaboration with Google is a single sign-on for users of G Suite and QuickBooks. G Suite, formerly Google for Work, will now allow QuickBooks users to access their account without typing in a separate login.

Signing up for a new QuickBooks account is also easier, since G Suite users can just port over their profile data from Google to get started. QuickBooks is also available for download from the G Suite Marketplace.

While the new Google Calendar for QuickBooks integration is currently available as a public beta in the U.S., it’s restricted to a private beta in Canada at the moment. The feature is only available to users of QuickBooks Plus.

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