IT industry outraged by Feds’ procurement strategy
6/14/2006 A list of changes that includes reverse auctions has potential contractors raising deep concerns that the government may be costing them business. CATA, ITAC, a consultant and a reseller activist point the finger at Public Works

IT providers take printer protest straight to cabinet
7/5/2006 Furious that their concerns over Public Works’ procurement strategy aren’t being heard, Canadian resellers appeal to the highest level of government possible. Up next: The PC bidding rules

Pressure forces Ottawa to rethink new procurement rules
7/10/2006 Temp worker policy revised, briefing on IT standing offer cancelled

Public Works dampens hopes for procurement policy revision
7/11/2006 Small businesses have three weeks left to make views known, official says

VARs still mad at Feds
7/17/2006 VARs upset at Public Works’ overhaul of its printer procurement policy will lobby politicians to alter the initiative

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