Primus offers hosted call centre to SMBs

Small businesses who want to run a call centre but have been put off from starting one because of the high capital costs now have another option, Primus Business Services announced today.

The Toronto-based Internet service provider that also sells hosted voice and data services to the SMB market is now offering a hosted PBX suite of call centre services. That means a business doesn’t have to invest in the hardware, software, or connectivity infrastructure needed to startup a traditional call centre. Instead, they subscribe to Primus’ Hosted Call Centre, which offers service starting from two agents for $29.95 per month.

The call centre is managed using a Supervisor Dashboard and Reports Portal that is accessed via the Web. Because the call centre is located in the cloud, businesses can be more flexible with their employees and have them working in the office, at a remote branch, or even from home.

Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson is the Associate Editor at

Primus has been ramping up its services for the SMB market lately, offering a new broadband Ethernet connectivity option dubbed BEX. The firm has been offering managed virtualization services since 2009, and recently opened a new datacentre in Markham, Ont.  

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