Primus brings BEX to four more Canadian cities

Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. is offering its Business Ethernet Xtended (BEX) service to more locations today with the addition of Vancouver, Edmonton, and the Ontario cities of Brampton and London to its service reach, the firm announced today.

Aimed at the small and medium-sized business market, BEX offers high speed Internet over copper wire phone lines, but it is not DSL. BEX offers fully symmetrical bandwidth, meaning the upload speeds can be as fast as the download speeds. The Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) technology also uses redundant connections, so that if one telephone loop fails, another steps in to do the job seamlessly.

Primus advertises that businesses can adopt BEX to save money on the cost of a high-speed fibre connection and still access reliable high speed service. Several service options are available from Primus, starting at $399 per month for a 3 mbps symmetrical connection and up to $799 per month for 10 mpbs symmetrical service. Primus currently has a promotional price on for its 10 mbps and 5 mbps options.

“We have seen greater than a 250 percent increase in demand for our BEX technology over the last six months, which is phenomenal for a service that launched a little over one year ago,” says AJ Byers, executive vice president of Primus Business Services, in press release. “At the same time, we have had many companies who are outside of our current footprint letting us know that they want access to the service. 

BEX was launched in March 2011 and is now available in seven cities. It plans to bring its service to the Ontario cities of Brantford, Hamilton, Kingston, and Windsor by mid-2012.

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