PeopleSoft turns developers toward easing the task of upgrades, installs, integration PeopleSoft Inc. says it wants to see enterprise software become as user-friendly as PC applications have become in the last decade. The company has dedicated 500 developers to “”dramatically improve the ownership


President and CEO Craig Conway introduced the concept of the Total Ownership Experience during a keynote to 2,500 senior executives attending the Pleasanton Calif.-based company’s Leadership Summit in Las Vegas recently.

“”When printers were produced with USB port capability those companies sold more printers. Ease of use acts as a catalyst to deploy new technology,”” he said.

One of PeopleSoft’s goals is to provide applications that will integrate with their competitors right out of the box.

“”Imagine a world where PeopleSoft, SAP and Oracle automatically integrate. I’m getting misty-eyed thinking about it,”” said Ram Gupta, executive vice-president of products and technology for PeopleSoft.

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