Published: June 28th, 2007

Data Management
PIKA Technologies releases host-based media processing platform
PIKA Technologies announced that it has released two network interface boards and added features including fax and advanced conferencing capabilities to its host-based processing platform.

The hardware additions to PIKA’s platform include a PCI express (PCIe) version of the Digital T1/E1 Gateway trunk board and a PCIe Analog Station (FXS) board, from PIKA’s Daytona analog series.

PIKA’s PCI express (PCIe) version of the Digital T1/E1 Gateway trunk board, along with the PCI version, are both members of PIKA’s PrimeNet digital series. These boards support up to four T1 or E1 spans, configurable in single span increments. They provide 24-120 ports of TDM digital network connectivity for applications such as IVR/self service, IP-PBX, fax broadcast and call center systems.

The PCIe Analog Station (FXS) board, a member of PIKA’s Daytona analog series, has also been added to the product portfolio. Supporting the connection of up to 12 ports for traditional analog telephone devices, the board is designed to meet the analog telephone requirements of IP-PBXs and call center systems. An advantage over other competitive offerings, this board derives its required power from the PC/server backplane, requiring no external power supply.


Practice Manager updates Web-enabled smart client

Practice Manager Group, LLC (PMG) announced that several user-requested feature enhancements were added to its N-Tier, Web-enabled “Smart Client” version of Practice Manager. Practice Manager 10.1 (PM 10.1) offers enhanced capabilities based on customer needs in complex litigation and multiple-case/multiple-jurisdiction matters. 

PMG announced these enhanced modules that are available now or are being finalized for release with PM 10.1, all of which can be used separately or concurrently with the others:

  • Criminal Counts Module
  • Administrative Courts Master Calendar
  • Electronic Discovery Tracking Module
  • Legal Services/Legal Aid Program Module
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