Phone-based defence from mobile malware with Norton Mobile Security

Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, and study after study shows mobile threats and malware are on the rise.

Research published last week by security vendor McAfee found a significant increase in mobile malware in the third quarter, doubling over the previous quarter with the Android OS as the primary target. Yet many users lack even basic security software on their mobile devices.

Security vendor Symantec hopes to change that with an updated version of its flagship mobile offering, Norton Mobile Security. The new edition includes support for iOS devices, contacts backup and an improved user interface.

“It’s no secret that people are using mobile devices more than ever in their daily lives, for everything from connecting with friends to paying for a cup of coffee,” said Dave Cole, vice-president, product management with Symantec’s consumer business unit, in a statement. “As we use our phones in new ways, we’re also putting sensitive information at risk if the device gets lost or stolen.”

The Norton Mobile Security interface.

The latest version of Norton Mobile security includes support for multiple devices and platforms, so a consumer’s Android tablets and smartphones as well as iPhones and iPads can be protected. Contacts are saved so they can be restored if the device is lost or stolen. A web-based management tool lets users management their devices from one console, and remote locate tool lets users find a lost device on a map. As well, a “scream alarm” emits an audible alarm so consumers can quickly find their missing Android mobile device.

Available for $29.99, Norton Mobile Security supports the Android and iOS platforms.

Source | Symantec

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