LAS VEGAS, Nev. — One of the biggest impairments to a collaborative enterprise is the inability to standardize business processes, said Craig Conway, president and CEO of PeopleSoft at this year’s Leadership Summit.

“Not because of the technology but because of the people, their history (with the company) and their egos,” said Conway.

In an effort to help companies standardize these processes, PeopleSoft announced the final release of its PeopleSoft 8 CRM solution. Conway said it is the first Web-based CRM enterprise solution.

“Everyone wants wider access to employees and customers,” said Conway.

Products released today include sales, marketing, support, field service, help desk and interaction management. Late last year PeopleSoft began its CRM 8 rollout with its human resources and supply chain products.

Another key component to the solution is that it consists of embedded business analytics, which include support, profitability and marketing insight as well as sales activity and a customer scorecard.

“It’s illogical to have business analytics done outside of applications,” said Conway.

PeopleSoft also announced increased platform support for CRM 8, which now includes IBM’s DB2, AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT and SQL Server as well as Oracle (Unix and NT).

Last year, PeopleSoft acquired Vantive, which Conway said enabled the company to complete its CRM solution.

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