One of three Ontario response teams that handles chemical, biological radiological and nuclear (CBRN) incidents has deployed a mobile satellite antenna system that provides Internet access, e-mail and voice over IP in the event of a terror attack or major disaster.

Ottawa Fire Services’ Hazardous

Materials (Haz-mat)/CBRN team, established after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, is working with Ottawa-based C-Com Satellite Systems Inc., which manufactures the iNetVu Mobile units. C-Com recently installed the same system in one of two Haz-Mat/CBRN emergency vehicles. The Ontario Fire Marshall’s office administers three teams in Ottawa, Toronto and Windsor. Ottawa Fire Services expects the system to be ready this month.

The products connect with satellite modems and can be mounted on top of vehicles or inside transportable platforms. Powered by the vehicle battery, the antenna can be deployed within two to three minutes from anywhere.

“”It gives them the ability to essentially operate that vehicle from remote locations as if they would be running the service from their office,”” said C-Com president Leslie Klein.

The units will also provide a live video feed from the emergency site.


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