SecureKey Technologies announced Dec. 12 that medical laboratory services company Dynacare has become a part of its blockchain-based digital identity network, Verified.Me. 

SecureKey, a leading identity and authentication provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications, says that Dynacare’s participation will allow patients of Dynacare Plus in Ontario to verify their identity via the Verified.Me service securely and without having to visit a Dynacare location in-person. This replaces the former identity verification process that required the use of a PIN code received during a visit to a Dynacare clinic.

Canadians need to prioritize taking ownership and managing their health, but they often avoid it because of the current complex and confusing process of obtaining health information, SecureKey said in a press release. Adoption of the Verified.Me network by Dynacare is aimed at addressing this problem. 

Dynacare Plus, an online and mobile service that patients can use to manage their health remotely, will now offer users Verified.Me as a new option at the time of registration to help them verify their identity. Patients who use Verified.Me will also be able to access as well as review their laboratory test results, store medication, vaccination and appointment records among other features. In addition, the service will allow them to access various health and wellness resources, as well as synchronize their personal health information with Apple Health and Google Fit.

“In many cases, accessing health information is limited to in-person physician visits that often result in lengthy wait times. By welcoming Dynacare into the Verified.Me network, we are excited to provide a more convenient and secure access to health information for patients across Ontario and to equip Canadians with the necessary tools to take charge of their health,” said Greg Wolfond, founder and chief executive officer of SecureKey Technologies.

“Joining Verified.Me will allow our Dynacare Plus patients easier and more convenient access to our platform,” said Arun Thomas, Vice President, information technology and chief information officer, Dynacare.

Verified.Me service is now available for Dynacare Plus patients in a user-friendly, browser-based version at and an app version is also available for download.

Verified.Me was designed by Toronto-based SecureKey Technologies Inc. earlier this year. Supported by the top banks in Canada, this blockchain-based digital identity network makes use of a trusted connection with existing personal identification details, such as a financial institution, to help verify identities, create accounts and access online services from other trusted organizations.

The service reduces unnecessary oversharing of personal information by providing consumers the choice of when and with whom their information is shared. It is a more secure alternative to traditional digital identification methods and allows consumers to quickly and safely engage with the online services of their choice.


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