July 5, 2007
Gates on being the world’s richest
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Todd Bishop is a Microsoft watcher and his got the billionaire on tape.

“Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man, having been surpassed by Mexican telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim, according to an estimate by a Mexican financial publication.”

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NetSuite wants to battle Salesforce.com
The browser
Oliver Ryan reveals the mud-slinging mess that is the NetSuite/Salesforce.com battle.

“According to today’s filing, the company could raise as much as $75 million, and the IPO, underwritten by Credit Suisse (CS) and W.R. Hambrecht, will use an auction mechanism for setting the price. (The ticker is not yet known, and the market could be either the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ.) Given the auction-style IPO, it’s not likely that early buyers will see much of a run up in the price. So the big question is the longer term one: will NetSuite realize its dream of bringing software-as-a-service (SaaS) to small and medium size businesses.”

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Bill Gates goes gay again
Nick Douglas outs planetout and Bill Gates buying plan.

“Despite all that I’ve read about it, some things surprised me. For instance, I believe that one of the best markets for this 1.0 phone isn’t consumers-who, without carrier subsidy or handset insurance, can’t afford to buy it, lose it or drop it in the toilet-but business users.”

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