The hacker that stole celebrity nudes is sentenced to jail, Apple buys an augmented reality startup, and Google is calling BS on U.S. President Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory on rigged search results.

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Trending on Twitter: the hacker involved in exposing nude photos of Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities is going to jail for eight months. George Garofano was accused of illegally hacking 240 private Apple iCloud accounts in 2014. He was one of four individuals who were involved in the hacking. The accounts belonged to several actors including Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kirsten Dunst.
Garofano pleaded guilty in April and said he sent emails to the victims while acting as an Apple online security personnel, so he could get their personal login information.
The three other hackers have received sentences of terms between nine and 18 months in jail.

Next up trending on LinkedIn is news of Apple buying Akonia Holographics, a startup dedicated to making lenses for augmented reality glasses. Reuters reported that the acquisition could mean that Apple is dabbling with the idea of developing a wearable device. Apple hasn’t discussed it’s motives though. According to Akonia’s website it has more than 200 patents related to holographic systems and materials.

Finally trending on Reddit, Google is calling BS on U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets that claim Google’s search results are being rigged against him. Earlier this week Trump accused Google and other tech giants of suppressing conservative voices. Trump’s team even put together a video highlighting how Google featured links to live streams of former President Barack Obama’s State of the Union addresses but not his. A Google spokesperson told Gizmodo that Trump’s claims weren’t true.

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