Notebook as a service vendor beefs-up security features

Businesses considering shifting their laptop acquisition schedule to an“as a service” model now have another reason to consider making theswitch: improved security.

Markham, Ont.-based No Panic Computing launched itsnotebook-as-a-service model four years ago, offering small andmedium-sized enterprises (SMEs) an opportunity to get off the hardwarerefresh upgrade cycle, and get the expense out of their capitalbudgets.

NPC’s noteboks-as-a-service.

Building on the success of that model, NPC is addressing what it seesis an increasing concern around security form business owners,particularly with the data contained on the laptops, by offering backupand security services to its notebook-as-a-service customers. A stolenlaptop can be replaced within 24 hours, and new biometric featuresimprove password security as well.

It’s a particularly interesting model for businesses that don’t havetheir own IT staff to manage the hardware and that data it contains –it’s done for them by NPC. As with any situation though where costs aremoved from the capital expenses budget to the operating expensesbudget, businesses should look at the lifecycle cost of hardwareacquisition versus leasing, and decide which makes best sense for theirown particular business needs.

Source | ComputerDealerNews

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