When it comes to hot technologies, voice-over-IP, which defines a way to carry voice calls over an IP (Internet) network by digitizing and packetizing voice streams, rises to the top of the list.

But as attendees at the recent IP World Canada event found out, it’s not just voice that is making

the move to the Internet.

In a presentation, Grant Sutherland, business systems manager, at Burger King Restaurants said the fast food chain is looking at its IP network to become its backbone for video surveillance as well as a way to pipe in canned music to many of its locations.

Burger King, which already uses an IP network for its debit/credit payment transactions has already seen huge payback from its early IP efforts, says Sutherland.

But the future of IP is indeed more than just voice and data, and Sutherland knows it. This time, however, if the music-over-IP idea works, it will be the Burger King executives who sing its praises.

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