Concussions are the number one issue plaguing sports, so we decided to add a weekly concussion prevention technology update to the Tech in Sports podcast. This week, we look at the winners of the NFL’s 1st & Future competition, plus all the biggest news from the sports tech world and we discuss whether or not social media is ruining trade deadlines.

You can find the Tech in Sports podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and podcast services everywhere. And stay tuned for Tech in Sports Daily, where we chop up the podcast and release it day-by-day, Monday through Friday.

Stories of the week:

  • Apple debuts new section of Apple News specifically for the Winter Olympics
  • Live stream NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics on Snapchat
  • NBC partners with a smart city and digital media solution company to bring Olympic content to the streets
  • NHL announces it will consider the time limitations on video reviews
  • A fitness app accidentally revealed U.S. military bases in the Middle East
  • Adidas reveals data-driven football cleats
  • A Toronto-based startup’s wearable armband was used by numerous Olympic athletes

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