Toronto-based NexTech AR Solutions Corp. announced today that it will be offering its ecommerce customers a new platform allowing users to publish 3D advertising to Facebook.

The innovative company, whose lineup of augmented reality (AR) solutions help clients create AR ecosystems for ecommerce for websites, AR learning and education tools, and AR live streaming for events, is now able to offer 3D advertising solutions on Facebook.

“NexTech is systematically building out its product offerings and ecosystem enabling AR-3D objects to be seen and experienced at multiple touch points throughout a person’s daily journey, be it shopping, learning, video conferencing and now through ads on Facebook,” said NexTech CEO Evan Gappelberg. “Having the ability to offer 3D advertising options to our AR ecommerce customers is a big deal since the majority of spend in ecommerce is on ads.”

Current 3D and AR technologies are allowing retailers to explore new and innovative ways to advertise and display their products in and out of the store. By offering customers the ability to see and experience 3D and AR models of their products, customers are more engaged and can make more informed buying decisions. Using a tool like NexTech’s AR ecommerce platform “empowers shoppers to make purchasing decisions, which ultimately drives conversions and spend, and reduces returns leading to higher ROI,” according to a release.

In fact, the release states that the 3D ad experience “provides an out of store shopping experience, the closest you can get to the actual product before buying it.” Additionally, the release cites recent research that shows that 40 per cent of online shoppers would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through AR, while 71 per cent said they would shop at a brand more often if it offered AR experiences.

“NexTech is the first to market for Facebook advertising with a platform that can publish from a single user interface to it, alongside the existing channels for delivery,” said Reuben Tozman, COO of NexTech. “That leaves us uniquely positioned to grow alongside the largest ad platform on the planet without losing the power and fidelity of existing AR experiences.”

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