Cultivating an engaged and loyal online community is important for any digital publisher, and a Toronto-based company wants to simplify this process.

Viafoura, a media engagement and moderation tool provider, has launched an upgraded Next Generation Audience Development Platform, which is optimized to encourage online audience participation, registrations, and subscriptions for media companies.

The platform offers real-time commenting, a notification feed, and a news tray for users, as well as web push notifications so brands can deliver breaking news to offline users and alert them of new replies, likes, and followers. It also lets users follow authors, other users, pages, sections, and topics to receive real-time updates, and comes with automated moderation.

“With these new integrated tools, media companies can use Viafoura to take their audience development strategy to the next level,” Viafoura’s founder and CEO, Jesse Moeinifar, says in an Aug. 23 press release. “Instead of leaving engagement to social media and, thus, losing out on invaluable first-party user data and on-site interactions, our platform empowers media brands to build relationships with customers directly on their owned channels. This is achieved by giving brands direct access to on-site engagement tools and user behavior data.”

The solution provides first-party behaviour data, including pageviews, attention time, and return visits, so brands can maintain their market value and increase website engagement. This data can also be connected with marketing and sales platforms to “drive actionable analytics and revenue,” Viafoura says, and as a result, deliver more relevant content.

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