As today’s businesses become more and more mobile, Toronto-based NexInnovations is trying to stay ahead of the game by offering a wide variety of flexible support and repair solutions to its customers.

The national chain

recently opened three new Customer Service Depots across Canada, bringing the company’s total number of outlets to 15. In addition to providing contract service packages, including on-site and technical support, NexInnovations’ depots allow customers to drop off hardware for repair, or to stop in for small parts or minor adjustments.

“Salespeople who are on the go and need an extra battery, an extra power cord, it’s very convenient for them to pop into a depot and get that kind of service they need,” said Todd Irie, director of marketing for NexInnovations. “This is a very convenient way for them to pop in and get a replacement part or upgrade memory or to fix something that’s not working properly.”

Providing centralized service locations that customers can visit at their own convenience, rather than scheduling a pick-up or on-site service call, was something NexInnovations developed in response to customer demand.

“A lot of customers that we talk to thought it would be convenient to have a place to go to that would be close to their locations in major centres. And that’s especially true for small businesses that may not have as large an IT department as a large organization,” said Irie.

The company repairs and services desktop computers, laptops, PDAs, scanners, and printer/multifunction printer devices.

Irie sees NexInnovations’ strength as being in its flexibility of service modes – from contract to drop-in.

“For some customers there is a toll-free national desk, so sometimes thing that are software related can be solved over the phone, and that’s probably the most cost-effective way. The other option is say it’s a server, and the response and resolution times are much faster, people don’t like business disruption,” said Irie.

“We can dispatch somebody, and the reason why we dispatch an onsite person is that there could be something that needs to be done by a certified technician. It just depends on the nature of the equipment and the seriousness of the potential problem.”

David Dugas, general manager of D.E. systems in Mississauga, Ont., says convenience and speed played a part in their switching to NexInnovations for their computer equipment rental business’s repair needs.

“They’ve been very easy to deal with, and they’re very close to us, which has been ideal for us. We have a stock of about 300 laptops, two thirds of which are under warranty and a third of which aren’t. NexInnovations has been very effective in getting our laptops returned to us promptly, and that’s important because we need all our rental units available to us at all times,” said Dugas.

“The location is the main driving force for us. Their staff is very easy to deal with, they fix their equipment very quickly,” Dugas added.

NexInnovations has developed an exchange program whereby customers who bring in items for repair – specifically mobile workers like salespeople, who need to have equipment on the road every day – will be able to borrow loaner equipment.


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