Data recovery, e-discovery and information management solution vendor Kroll Ontrack has launched version 7.0 of its Ontrack PowerControls offering, promising a reduction in the time and resources associated with common IT challenges.

Also included is Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 support and new functionality for preserving and exporting Exchange/SharePoint source and metadata.

“With a migration path to the newest Exchange and SharePoint versions, coupled with complete support for collections, Ontrack PowerControls 7.0 is a comprehensive and forensically sound tool for IT and legal,” said Jim Reinert, vice-president of product development for Kroll Ontrack, in a statement. “From recovery and restoration to migration, consolidation and collection, Kroll Ontrack is committed to delivering a robust, integrated and comprehensive tool that manages IT and legal tasks in half the time when compared to traditional methods or other solutions.”

Deploying Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint 2013 requires IT to ensure certain policies, procedures and systems can support the latest platform versions, and the vendor says Ontrack PowerControls 7.0 can help ensure requirements for migration to Exchange and SharePoint 2013 are met. It can also be used to copy existing mailboxes or content to the new 2013 servers, providing a migration path that does not require an old server and new server to be online simultaneously.

It also provides a platform for IT to respond to legal requests to preserve and copy information from live and backup systems into archiving and e-discovery applications using industry standards.

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