New law targeting

A proposed legislation governing wireless service contracts could be in the horizon for cell phone charges-weary Ontarians.

Consumer Services Minister Margarett Best said the proposed law’s goal is to provide greater protection to consumers by making sure wireless service contracts are more transparent and easier to understand, a report from CBC News said.

“One common problem we are responding to is the cell shock that many consumers experience upon opening their monthly bill,” she said. “The cell shock results from consumers being surprised for charges on services they were not aware they would be charged for or services they did not know would cost extra.”

The proposed legislation will require:

  • A cap on cancellation charges.
  • Companies must notify consumers of any changes to their contract.
  • Consumers’ consent to renew, extend or amend a contract.
  • Use plain of language in contracts.
  • Contracts must include all-inclusive price advertising for cell phone plans.
  • Companies must not charge consumers for services while devices under warranty are being repaired.
  • Notice to consumers who are about to incur additional charges for exceeding service limits.

The Ontario Liberal government has not announced when it plans to introduce the bill in the legislature.


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