New business endpoint security offering scales to SMBs

Enterprise-grade features at an SMB price is the promise from Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab with the launch this week of its new flagship security platform for businesses, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

In addition to providing protection from malware and cybercrime, the vendor said the offering was built to address another key enemy of IT security – complexity. According to Kaspersky, SMBs in particular have a lack of resources to deal with an increasingly complex IT environment, made so by employees accessing the company network with smartphones and tables and seeking to do work on their mobile devices, confidential data moving freely through the network and outside to the world on USB thumb drives, and finding and patching holes in user applications and operating systems.

To address these challenge, Kaspersky’s endpoint business offering brings together a number of features that business may once have had to acquire separately, including mobile security and device management, data encryption, endpoint control tools, systems management, and anti-malware protection, all managed from one console in Kaspersky’s security centre.

The functionality in Kaspersky’s new offering is focused around three key areas.

“Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business will show IT managers that a security solution is more than the sum of its components, and that a well-designed and fully-integrated solution not only makes sense for their bottom line, but also brings better protection to their organization,” said Steve Orenberg, president of Kaspersky Lab North America, in a statement.

The offering is available in specialized bundles to allow it to scale from the enterprise down to the SMB, with three base configurations and the ability to add modules as a company’s security needs evolve.

Source | Kaspersky Lab

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