NetScout, Sanrad roll out recovery tools

Westford, Mass.-based NetScout’s nGenius Performance Management Standby Server maintains a replicated copy of the primary server’s performance data and configurations. If the primary server because unavailable, the administrator can have the standby server assume control of all performance management functions. The server is shipping as software only for Windows and Solaris servers, and pre-loaded on Windows or Red Hat Linux appliances. Pricing starts at US$25,000.

Sanrad is shipping Global data replication and Recovery, which combines the iSCSI V-Switch and StoragePro software.

The product lets organizations replicate data from a primary site to one or more secondary sites over copper or optical networks. The software supports both continuous synchronous and asynchronous replication to remote sites and can cache data on the V-Switch. Sanrad says the users do not need to install the same type of storage systems at both the primary and backup site, but can use any type of disk storage.

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