Motorola Milestone: now good for a rebate

Telus Mobility announced today that it would give you a store credit for your old cell phone, and then find a way to put it to use or dispose of it in an ecologically responsible manner.

The value of the store credit depends on how good your smartphone is, of course, and if its really old then Telus will just donate $3 to Tree Canada. That got us thinking about just what sort of cell phones that people might be pulling out of the desk drawer to collect a credit on.

Some of them might be looking to trade in the Motorola Milestone, which was a pretty advanced smartphone for December of 2009. It ran Android 2.0 and had a high-resolution screen, with a 5 MP camera, and promised to be “future proof” for its buyers.

Hands-on with the Motorola Milestone, circa 2009.

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