Pinterest is looking for front-end, full-stack, and machine learning engineers to become a part of a new engineering hub that the company is launching in Toronto.

The company this week announced that it plans to add 50 new employees to the hub in 2021 for engineering, sales, insights and marketing roles, all of whom will be working to build its global products and shopping experience.



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The engineering hub’s launch will mark the expansion of the first Canadian office that Pinterest had opened in Toronto in 2018, which will now grow to house almost half of the company’s shopping experience engineering team. 

“Our new engineering office in Toronto will help Pinterest access world-class engineering and machine learning talent while contributing to the technology community in Toronto,” said Rahim Daya, head of international product and the Toronto engineering tech lead for Pinterest, in an emailed news release.

Not unlike Uber and Twitter, which have recently set up engineering hubs in the city, Pinterest says that its decision to open the hub in Toronto was based on the large talent pool emerging in the city from universities such as the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto



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