A technology consulting and services firm that specializes in business and financial solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across Canada is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

When Montreal’s Acceo Solutions got its start in 1988, it was known as Conceptum. Microsoft’s Windows 2.1 was the gold standard, and a working level of MS-DOS was still a good idea for most computer users.

Through a series of partnerships and acquisitions over the years, the company has changed its name a few times, from Conceptum, to GFI Solutions Group, to its rebranding last year as Acceo Solutions. A constant through all those years though has been the leadership of Gilles Létourneau, who has served as president and CEO since the company’s founding.

The company went through a growth spurt in 2004, changing its name to GFI Solutions Group following a partnership with French firm GFI Informatique, and specialized in the development of custom services for large businesses in various sectors. A number of strategic acquisitions followed, including Accovia, Bell Business Solutions, Fortsum Business Solutions, activeMédia Développement and Tender Retail.

The growth has allowed Acceo to shift from being a services provider to being a products and services provider, enter overseas markets and break into key vertical market opportunities. It’s sales and employee base has increased nearly fivefold in five years.

Its focus today is in offering a fully integrated range of products and services aimed at optimizing organizations’ business processes, enhancing their performance, and maximizing returns on their IT investments.

“Success doesn’t just come on its own, and if we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy 25 wonderful years of success, it’s thanks to the people who have been part of our family,” said Létourneau, in a statement. “Employees, clients, partners – without them, we wouldn’t be here today celebrating our success, or, even more importantly, the passion which continues to guide us. I want to thank everyone sincerely for their loyalty and say what a privilege it is to be in business and be in such fine company.”

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