Mobilicity launches 4G service

Mobilicity has launched its 4G service by offering two new data plan options.

The Toronto-based wireless carrier, which operates as an upstartalternative to Rogers, Telus and Bell, said in a news release that itsnew 21Mbps plans amount to “the most affordable 4G data service inCanada.”

According to our source article from Engadget, it’s a bit of a mixedbag. Mobilicity customers will get three times the speed if they’reusing the new $80 Huawei E366 modem or a compatible smartphone, butthere’s no longer unlimited access – service may be throttled if theysurpass the 6GB mark.

To avoid throttling, customers can add another 20GB under the two newplans: the $20 Premium Data Add-On for phones or the $50 Premium MobileData Internet Plan for data only.

Mobilicity is calling its new21Mbps offering “the most affordable 4G data service in Canada.”(Photo: Shutterstock)

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Source | Engadget

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