While FileMaker knew its users were using custom business solutions for the iPad and iPhone created on its platform to enable road warriors, a recent survey of its users also showed companies are also using FileMaker to build tablet and smartphone solutions to automate paper processes inside the four walls of the company.

A database software vendor, one of FileMaker’s solutions is FileMaker Go, a free app for accessing FileMaker databases from iPad and iPhone. It recently polled its customers on their use of mobile devices to boost business productivity, including customers who have deployed FileMaker solutions on iOS devices.

“The next wave of business mobility, fueled by iPad and iPhone-equipped ‘productivity warriors,’ is delivering real ROI by automating processes in the building and on the company campus,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice-president of marketing and services for FileMaker, in a statement. “Of course we see many traditional road warriors using FileMaker, but we were surprised to find how much use was actually occurring inside the building. We were also impressed at how frequently businesses are replacing paper-based processes with iPads and iPhones, thus automating areas of their business not practical before.”

The research showed that 59 per cent of the time, FileMaker mobile customers accessed their servers using a direct connection over local wireless network to an on-premise servers, meaning they were using a mobile device within a building or corporate campus with an integrated wireless network.

The mobile deployments were across business areas, including operations (31 per cent), information systems (28 per cent), sales (23 per cent), customer service (21 per cent), finance/accounting (17 per cent) and marketing (13 per cent).

FileMaker Survey Infographic

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