Mobile apps for your event

Touting the idea that the era of the printed conference agenda and the backpack full of hand-outs is over, Vancouver’s QuickMobile has found success in the market with its offerings that allow conference organizers to build and launch mobile applications for their events. They took the platform a step further Tuesday with a new offering that lets users design apps for multiple events.

Instead of designing a mobile app intended to only be used at the conference and then uninstalled, this would allow companies to scale their mobile apps to include more or all of their customer or partner-facing events, meaning companies could also maintain an ongoing relationship with attendees – and attendees with each other – via the app. It also enables a new degree of interactivity for attendees while at the show, and gives organizers new metrics into what works and what doesn’t in the conference program. built its conference app with QuickMobile.

”To really leverage mobile technology, enterprises must have an immersive, irresistible mobile app that their employees can’t work without. Our approach has been to work intimately with our customers, our solutions have evolved to continually address their changing needs, whatever they may be,” said QuickMobile president and CEO Patrick Payne in a statement.

And in an important factor for small businesses that don’t have technical staff with app design expertise, QuickMobile claims no techies are required to build a mobile event app using their platform.

Source | QuickMobile

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