Online banking customers may soon have access to Mint, an online personal finance solution from Intuit.

Intuit said Wednesday that it will be offering Mint, which is also available as a standalone offering, to Canadian financial institutions that wish to integrate it into their online and mobile banking applications and offer it to their customers to assist with their financial planning and management.

“More than 12 million people already use to manage their complete financial picture and have identified savings of more than $30 billion toward their personal goals,” said Greg Wright, vice-president of product management at Intuit Financial Services, in a statement. “By blending Mint with their digital banking home page, financial institutions can provide immediate, meaningful financial insights to their customers, help more people save money and further deepen banking relationships by recommending relevant financial products at the time when people are most interested.”

Financial institutions will be able to blend the offering into their platforms later in the year, and Intuit said among the benefits will be showing customers their entire financial picture in one place, offering free actionable advice on how to save money, providing on-the-go tracking with mobile apps, and suggesting helpful products and services.

“Mint is more than just online pie charts,” Wright said. “It’s an easy way for banks to provide valuable advice and services based on a customer’s specific needs and use of financial products, all in the place millions of people look for help. We’re excited to help people save and do more with their money through their financial institution.”

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