The Longhorn OS may be a long term project (early estimates are a 2006 release), but Microsoft is already preparing developers for its arrival.

The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, held this past week in Los Angeles, was a chance for developers to hear how the next version of Windows

will shape how they build applications. was there to cover Longhorn, Gates and GUI.

MS exec admits: ‘It’s not Java vs. C-sharp anymore’
10/27/2003 8:00:00 AM – Software firm preaches interoperability at developer confab

The long and short of Longhorn
10/28/2003 5:00:00 PM – Microsoft executives offer the first glimpse of the next generation of Windows. We talk to Canadian developers about how forthcoming features will change the way they write applications

Canadian developers forsee time savings from Whidbey
10/29/2003 5:00:00 PM – Visual Studio upgrade could reduce complexity in coding

Gates: ‘You don’t need perfect code’ for good security
10/29/2003 5:00:00 PM – exclusive The chief software architect’s advice for safeguarding your apps


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