Mark Zuckerberg, watch your back. Sergey and Larry? Consider early retirement.

The next generation is coming up fast, and they aren’t waiting for you Web 2.0 geezers to step aside. Here are 10 serious overachievers–20 years old or younger–with more ambition, energy, tech smarts, and business savvy than you’ll find in most entire high-tech companies, let alone most adults. Be sure to read about Canadian contributions to the world of high tech in “Canadian Innovation: Nortel triggers the digital communications revolution” and “Canadian innovation: Rogers and Brightroam”.

Like various graying legends of the PC revolution (Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Michael Dell), these ten didn’t wait until they were of age before starting their meteoric careers. Some are already millionaires; others seem destined to achieve greatness in other ways. Read about Canadians who played a part in developing the internet in “Canadian Tech History: Internet Pioneers”.

Catch them now while they’re still young and relatively innocent. And maybe, if you’re lucky, one of them will someday offer you a job.

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