All the latest sports technology news including drama in Australian soccer over video replay, the NBA and Intel’s new partnership, Silicon Valley area sports teams put on a tech summit, and more! Plus, the latest news in concussion prevention and we speak with GForceTracker on how to maximize player safety with technology.

Stories of the week:

  • NBA and Intel team up to help sports tech startups
  • Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price’s gaming may be a concern to his health
  • Canadian analytics company SPORTLOGiQ opens an AI lab in Waterloo to study sports tech
  • Video replay malfunction affects Australian soccer championship
  • Nike collaborates with Facebook for AR shoe shopping
  • Villanova’s baseball team using a homegrown VR platform to train
  • Intel partners with a camera maker to produce live VR-enabled sports broadcasts
  • San Francisco 49ers host a tech summit for other Bay area teams
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy explains the science behind common sports phenomenon
  • Qualcomm developing a better, faster chip for wearables
  • A new study says fitness apps don’t help you lose weight
  • Studying the effects of brain trauma on women
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