With so many startup accelerators sprouting up in Canada, the MaRS Discovery District has been gauging their efforts to boost companies emerging into the startup space.

On June 6, MaRs Data Catalyst announced it would be releasing a report on June 20, featuring information gleaned from the data of 34 different accelerators and interviews with 11 accelerator managers.

To kick off this report, which took five months to complete, MaRS will also host a panel discussion on June 20, tapping into the insights of accelerator graduates and managers at the MaRS Centre.

While the full report isn’t available yet, MaRS has presented some of its findings in the infographic below.

Registration for the panel event is available here.

startup accelerator - 1

startup accelerator - 2

startup accelerator - 3

startup accelerator - 4

startup accelerator - 5

startup accelerator - 6

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