Adobe Systems Inc. has done a massive overhaul of its Adobe Target program, aimed at marketers and now allowing them to instantly launch tests and make changes to their content through one touch-based dashboard.

On Wednesday, Adobe announced it’d be switching things up with Adobe Target, part of its Adobe Marketing Cloud line. Its process now allows users to test out digital offers and helps them tailor web content to different audiences. Users can also try out this process using touchscreens, meaning they can do it from mobile devices while they’re on the go.

Check out a demo of Adobe Target here.

For example, it optimizes content so it may appear differently to a customer viewing content from a Web site. That content will appear different again to a customer looking at it from his or her e-mail, and again for customers checking out content from mobile Web sites or mobile apps.

As another boon to marketers, they’ll be able to skip Web designers and create their own variations of content directly on a Web page. They can switch offers and images, or customize Web pages’ colours, text, and overall design. That makes it faster for marketers to figure out what they want to do and then test it, seeing if it will work for their customers.

There is also a custom audience library, which allows marketers to categorize both new and existing Web site visitors. That way, if they have a special offer they want to send to either group, they can do so from Adobe Target.

And within the dashboard, it’s a quick process for marketers to share metrics with their team. The metrics appear on reports that have been optimized for mobile devices, too, so marketers can check them quickly and regularly.

And of course, Adobe Target has been integrated with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which is also available as one centralized platform that connects to social networks. Adobe introduced the Marketing Cloud back in July.

This new and improved version of Adobe Target will be available at the end of the month. Pricing is based on a flat fee, and marketers can get in touch with an Adobe sales rep if they want more information.

See Adobe’s video on its Marketing Cloud.

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