Toronto-based B2B firm LookBookHQ is rebranding itself while releasing what it calls the industry’s first “content insight and activation engine.”

That engine, also called PathFactory, will help B2B marketers identify the role content plays in the buyer’s journey and connect any members of their audience on that journey with relevant content, according to a May 8 release.

“In short, [PathFactory] is answering some of [our clients’] biggest marketing questions – the questions they’ve had for so long that maybe they didn’t think there were any answers to be found,” PathFactory CEO Mark Opauszky told in an email. “Questions like, is the information or content my buyers are consuming actually helping them move forward in their buying process? Am I spending my marketing dollars in the right place? Which visitors and accounts are truly ready to talk to my sales team?”

More importantly, Opauszky wrote, PathFactory provides marketers with a closed-loop system designed to automatically take advantage of its insights by delivering relevant content to audiences wherever they happen to be, on whatever platform they happen to be using – the core service LookBookHQ’s clients have come to expect, he said.

“Whether they’re engaging with a consumer brand at home or a B2B enterprise at work, [audiences] expect to access the most relevant information right away, consume content fast and in the moment, and binge-learn about topics they’re interested in the most,” Opauszky wrote – and PathFactory will help marketers cater to them.

The PathFactory engine works by gathering external visitor and account data, analyzing content with artificial intelligence, and combining the two to identify the role content plays in the buyer’s journey, along with its impact it has on revenue. The engine then uses this data to activate content and deliver it to the appropriate audience.

In a May 8 statement, PathFactory president and chief product officer Nick Edouard said that until now, no platform has combined content engagement with understanding of the actual content it’s delivering, and the impact it has on revenue.

“Anyone can serve a content recommendation – the science is delivering the right recommendation,” Edouard said. “Without [PathFactory], you can’t deliver personalized content experiences at scale – at least, not ones that turn visitors into buyers.”

As for the name change, Opauszky said that since inventing personalized B2B content experiences his company has been “thrilled” to see the idea gain mainstream recognition, but felt the work wasn’t done.

“We’ve invested heavily to make B2B marketing smart in ways no one has tried before because our vision was to build something truly transformative to help buyers buy and marketers market,” Opauszky wrote via email. “We believe the market we serve is ready for that transformation and so are we.”

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